Chapter 1: Basic Use of Xcode for Getting Started with iOS Development foreword I just need to do a project today. I think that there
modification of local variables in BLock. iOS development "Dancing between the strong and the weak - the use of weak and strong together to solve the block circular reference problem. Summarize: __weak is to resolve circular
recommended to use this mode more. Detailed explanation of MVC pattern Although the MVC pattern is the most widely used pattern in iOS programming, in terms of complexity, the MVC pattern can be regarded as the first of many patterns
ios custom .framework .framework can be made as static library and dynamic library, this article is to make static library. The .framework of the system is a dynamic library, and the .framework made by
What is MVVM ? In iOS, most of what we use is the MVC architecture. Although the level of MVC is clear, due to the increasing
styles.UITableViewArguably one of the most important controls in iOS development. Common properties // Style, UITableViewStylePlain (normal style) and UITableViewStyleGrouped (grouping style) @property ( nonatomic , readonly ) UITableViewStyle style
UIPickerView UIPickerView is a very common control in iOS development. For example, the timer selects the time, and it can be used when
ios common compatibility issues 1. Use the disable selected text attribute input { -webkit-user-select: none; -moz-user-select: none; -khtml-user-select: none; user-select
The way of mixing There are two ways to mix iOS: Swift calls ObjCObjC calls Swift The mixed scene Generally, the iOS projects of
1. MJRefresh MJRefreshIt encapsulates the function of up and down refresh. Install in Podfile pod 'MJRefresh' 1 importMJRefresh # import
IPA unpacking on iOS Background: In the field of software security, when we fight against black products, we are not passive defense, but we
1. 'View' is only available in iOS 13.0 or newer Note: The old project used the UIkit framework, and now the new SwiftUI framework is used
  Organized from: IOS overall framework class diagram is worth collecting  an overall framework   In the process of iOS development, understanding and learning of the overall framework of iOS is an indispensable part. Today we
After going through 4.3, it will be put on the shelves, record an app recently developed by the company, the developer account newly applied by the company, the new App project and source code, the constructio
there to keep threads alive? Open the thread's runloop conditional lock GCD NSOperation (the underlying GCD implementation) How does the app receive touch events? iOS touch event family bucket - short book As can be seen from
      A framework in iOS is a directory that contains a shared resource library, header files for accessing the code stored in the resource library, and other resources such as images and sound files