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1 Add dependency library flutter_swiper: ^1.0.6 1 2 Commonly used dot indicator automatic carousel class SwiperViewDefaultPage extends S
"), ), 1234567891011121314151617 3 Clickable rounded rectangle border Use InkWell to achieve, more about InkWell, please check flutter InkWell set water ripple click effect details Container( margin: EdgeInsets.only(left: 40, top: 40
For more articles, please see Lutter from entry to mastery # flutter dialog Here is a brief description of the three pop-up methods of
📝【Flutter】Learning to develop a mind, 【Necessary knowledge for programmers】 📔 Today’s little knowledge——flutter doctorreport an
1. Using someone else's package, it cannot be run. Prompt these: Find these places, go in and modify the content. For example this file: 2. Prompt that there are incompatible null safe Error : Ca
1. Error report: Unable to RTCPeerConnection::setRemoteDescription: Failed to set remote answer sdp: Called with SDP without SDES crypto. Solution: Change the value of DtlsSrtpKeyAgreement to true. final Ma
I have seen factory several times in Flutter . I didn't pay much attention to it before I used it, but I saw it today, so I want to know what
Documenting  small problems encountered while struggling with Flutter 1  Navigator  Routes  GestureDetector Question 1: I/flutter (19058): ══╡ EXCEPTION CAUGHT BY WIDGETS LIBRARY
There are two types of Flutter checkboxes: one is the Lite Checkbox checkbox, and the other is the CheckboxListTile checkbox with its own title and subtitle Detailed parameter explanation
Inheritance is one of the three major object-oriented features, and inheritance in dart is almost consistent with java single inheritanceCan
// Delay 1s to execute and return Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 1), (){ Navigator.of(context).pop(); print('Delay 1s to execute');
AppBar AppBar is displayed at the top of the app, or the top bar, which corresponds to the Android Toolbar. As shown below: The basic comp
GridView is one of the commonly used scrollable components. In Flutter , GridView is usually used to build a two-dimensional grid list. There are five GridView creation methods, which are described as follows GridView's constructor
every day. important news NetEase Cloud [Fun Big Front-End] Supporting Course EDU supporting tutorial A series of articles on the accumulation of bits and pieces developed by Flutter 1 Using the wrapper library 1.1 Add
://github.com/zhaolongs/flutter_shake_animation_widget.git ref: master 12345 Then load the dependencies, the code is as follows: flutter pub get 1 Then import the package where it is used, the code is as follows: import