ESP32 development guide directory (open source one-step production)

The wifi part of the code I wrote uses the SDK of version 3.0. The current SDK is already version 4.3+, and the source code is too old to learn.

The knowledge points are still the same, you can continue to refer to it.

Source address:

WiFi part, based on ESP-IDF (completed)

Chapter 1 Introduction to ESP32 Development Board

Chapter 2 Development Preparation 

Chapter 3 Windows Build ESP32 Development Environment (vscode) has been updated 2021.12.25 

Chapter 4 Ubuntu builds ESP32 development environment (vscode) 

Chapter 5 New Construction 

Chapter 6 Compile the ESP32 source code in a small step of open source 

Chapter 7  Several ways to download ESP32 programs

Chapter 8 Driving LED Lights 

Chapter 9 GPIO Input Key Operation 

Chapter 10 PWM full-color LED light display 

Chapter 11 Two UART Experiments 

Chapter 12 I2C - Reading Temperature and Humidity 

Chapter 13 I2C-OLED Display 

Chapter 14 Create a WIFI Hotspot 

Chapter 15 SmartConfig One-Key Configuration 

Chapter 16 TCP Connection of ESP32 

Chapter 17 UDP Broadcast of ESP32 

Chapter 18 WebSocket Server for ESP32 

Chapter 19 HTTP Get City Temperature 

Chapter 20 Over-the-Air Upgrade (OTA) of ESP32 

Chapter 21 ESP32 develops MQTT Client ESP-IDF

Chapter 22 ESP32 Get Weather Forecast (WiFi+https+json+mbedtls)

Chapter 23 Tmall Genie Controls ESP32 (wifi+tcp+json)

Supplementary Chapter 1: Use of ESP32 Timer

Supplementary Chapter 2: Booting Process of ESP32

bluetooth part

【BLE】Introduction to ESP32 development and broadcasting , 2021.6.6

[BLE] Explaining the structure of broadcast data packets, comparison of five Bluetooth chips , 2021.06.16

Follow the official account, update wifi and ble tutorials synchronously

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